Pine Island Treasures Recipe Book


Do You Know How to Prepare?. . . • Mango & Mint Salsa • Spicy Mango Coffee Cake • Crab and Mango Salad • Lychee Sauce • Longan Fritters • Fish Poached in Mango Sauce • Glazed Smoked Leg of Lamb with Mango Chutney • Tropical Fruit Brandy • Tropical Fruit Pudding • Mango Crab Cutlets • and so many more. . . The cookbook is 4" x 6"and 84 pages. The cover is printed on a gloss cover stock with postcard information on the reverse. Recipe pages are on a ivory card stock, printed both sides. A plastic ring is placed in the hole in the upper left corner and is used for hanging cookbook to keep it high and dry. Order Yours Now! Makes a perfect Gift Click Here for shopping cart Request discounts 2 or more 1 to 3 cookbooks add shipping & handling per order of $2.00 Credit cards/Paypal accepted - 3 weeks for delivery on prepaid orders Specifications are approx. & subject to minor changes (Request shipping cost for quantities 10+)


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